Greenville Avenue St Patrick’s Day Parade 2022

Greenville Avenue St Patrick’s Day Parade, Saturday, March 12, 2022

The RISE Parade Entry and Rules for Participation have changed for 2022. RISE is making a major investment in Marketing as an Adaptive Sports Organization instead of a Float Party.


  • 26’ long by 12’ wide pulled by a large truck.
  • Clad in RISE blue and green with a large RISE logo on back of small stage area and two RISE logos on sides.
  • Approximately 8 large green 4 leaf clovers affixed on the float.



  • Water Skiing – 1 Water Ski with small lifts in blue to simulate water.
  • Wake Surfing –1 Surf Boards with small lifts in blue to simulate water.
  • Rugby – 2 Rugby Chairs to simulate game action
  • Wheelchair Skate (WCMX) – 2 Wheelchair Skate Chairs with small ramps to simulate a skate park.
  • Handcycling -2 persons on handcycles)
  • Wheelchair Sports – 2 Persons in Sports Wheelchairs


  • Maximum 10 RISE Participants
  • The float sits 4’ off the ground so only those that can transfer that height with some very light support.
  • Every Wheelchair and all Equipment will be permanently affixed to the float for the duration of the parade. The float does not have side bars. Clamps on each wheel will be screwed into wood float deck that are easily installed and easy to take off.
  • Only persons that can sit in one place for approximately 2 hours in any kind of weather.
  • There are no restrooms on parade route. No off and on for restroom breaks.
  • RISE Apparel will be worn by everyone on the float including essential equipment; Rugby Team Jerseys, WCMX helmets and pads, etc.
  • RISE will furnish cases of beads for float persons only period.


  • RISE Support Staff; Float Managers, Design Personnel, Group Management, etc.
  • Participants with their own Handcycle, Rugby Chair, Sports Chair, or Everyday Wheelchair.
  • Able body support personnel for each participant.
  • All attendees must be clad in either festive St. Patrick’s Day apparel or RISE 2022 apparel, no exceptions.
  • RISE Staff will manage this group which will follow the RISE Float. No one will be allowed on the side. in front of float, or vehicle for safety purposes. If you can’t keep up with the flow of the parade or follow RISE Staff directions, you will be asked to leave the parade immediately.


  • RISE Staff will not do any participant transfers except for Float Participants.
  • RISE will provide bottled water only, no snacks or beads except for Float Participants.
  • RISE may or may not be able to bring participants and assistants back to the original meeting site. At this time, we have not made a final decision if the RISE Bus will have a parking spot at end of parade route to facilitate this. We could possibly have too many participants needing this service. It is not feasible for the bus to make multiple pickups due to navigating over 100 thousand people leaving the parade at the same time creating major gridlock on the roads. A decision will be made soon based on early registration.


  • No Online Reservations
  • Send an email with your name, disability level, requested position, and names of all your group participating to
  • We understand these new policies place limitations on people that have participated in the past. We hope to have all our regular attendees back as a priority.
  • Nothing is guaranteed but we will do our best to provide an exemplary Parade Entry marketing the organization.